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President Trump leaves open possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim Jong Un

On second thought...

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Short Report: The new 2018 BMW 6 Series GT is the closest you can get to a 5 Series wagon

For a long time, I hated station wagons. My mom drove one, a 1973 Ford Gran Torino in burnt orange metallic with simulated wood paneling on the sides a giant chrome front... Read more »

This cheese festival ran out of cheese and people are really upset

The organizers of a festival in the U.K. are offering their sympathies to eventgoers after their tents ran out of cheese. Ticket buyers for The Big Cheese Festival took to... Read more »

Yemen rebels fire ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia, killing one and wounding two

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Yemen's Shiite rebels fired a barrage of ballistic missiles targeting Saudi Arabia late Sunday on the third anniversary of a kingdom-led war in Yemen, with fragments of... Read more »

What it’s like to drive a Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII in star-struck Los Angeles

If there’s a protocol regarding the social acceptability of removing one’s shoes in the presence of a lady, especially in a $640,000 Rolls-Royce, I’m pretty sure I broke it. But previous experience... Read more »

New York’s St. Regis Hotel launches nightly champagne sabering ritual

The St. Regis is one of New York’s most famous and luxurious hotels, anchoring the corner of 5th Avenue and 55th Street since 1904, when that part of the avenue was still... Read more »

Russian shopping center fire kills 48 people, children among the dead

MOSCOW — A devastating fire at a shopping center in a Siberian city killed 48 people and dozens more are missing Sunday, many of them children, a Russian state news agency reported.

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First Drive: Refreshed 2019 Kia Sorento remains a confident buy in the crossover segment

Kia is no longer an unknown quantity, nor are its award-winning vehicles considered market anomalies. Last year, the company sold nearly 590,000 vehicles in the U.S. And while annual sales were down... Read more »

100-year-old woman says beer and potato chips are the secret to long life

When a 100-year-old person gives diet advice, the whole world listens. And when San Francisco resident Matilda Curcia celebrated her 100th birthday this week, she gave the rest of... Read more »

Russians head to polls as Putin seeks fourth presidential term

YEKATERINBURG, Russia — Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's presidential election Sunday isn't in doubt. The only real question is whether voters will turn out in big enough numbers to hand him a... Read more »