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Syrians, ever abandoned as carnage continues

The ever-living shame of President Obama’s foreign policy is his failure over many years to confront, or rally the world to confront, the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

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Let everyone ride the subway

Monday morning in Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler’s courtroom, lawyers for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Transit Authority and the City of New York will argue that the MTA/TA (the... Read more »

Men are thriving despite #MeToo 

We’re several months into the #MeToo movement, in which women refusing to shut up about their lives have seized the public consciousness, and some people are starting to panic.

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We can’t count on the Census Bureau 

"New York City and all of our nation’s cities have for too long suffered undercounts that have denied us political representation and federal resources.” These were the words of Mayor Rudy Giuliani... Read more »

How to keep the deadliest guns out of dangerous hands: States show the way

Did you know that in New York State you can report an unsafe driver? Anyone who witnesses a driver “who appears to be unable to drive safely” can fill out a two-page... Read more »