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Famed castle in New York’s Central Park closes for repairs

An iconic castle in Central Park has closed for the rest of the year to undergo a $6 million restoration.

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New data raises doubt on NYPD’s claim that 911 gripes lead to pot arrests amid racial gap criticism

The NYPD says its pot arrests are driven by neighborhood complaints — but newly released data shows cops might be blowing smoke.

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Younger sister found body of rookie cop who killed herself in Brooklyn home

A young cop's family went about the grim business of planning her funeral Tuesday, just a day after the rookie cop apparently killed herself in her Brooklyn home.

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Man seriously injured after floor gives out at Brooklyn demolition site 

A man was seriously injured Tuesday when he fell through the floor of a dilapidated Brooklyn building while rooting around for construction materials, authorities said.

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Ex-Cuomo aide Percoco’s lawyers say crooked prosecution witness is reason for acquittal

Federal prosecutors presented the best reason to acquit Gov. Cuomo’s one-time best buddy Joseph Percoco of corruption charges: Their crooked key witness.

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Albany Democrats push gun-safety laws with renewed vigor in wake of Florida massacre

ALBANY — Democrats in the state Legislature put aside their differences Tuesday to call for stricter gun laws.

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Teen gangbanger gets 25 years behind bars in fatal shooting of Brooklyn rival

A Brooklyn judge Tuesday sentenced a teenage gangbanger to 25 years in prison in the shooting death of a rival crew member — and his childhood friend — calling out “adults of... Read more »

NYPD sergeant’s union head calls for Bronx DA’s resignation amid misconduct claims

The wild party days at the Bronx District Attorney’s office may soon be over for top prosecutor Darcel Clark.

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