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Best study ever claims pizza can make you more productive at work

A recent study claims that pizza is a bigger motivator than cash and can make people more productive at work when used as a stimulus. The discovery was made by psychologist... Read more »

Donald Trump Jr. was ‘interviewed’ by a giant chocolate bunny

Ahead of Pennsylvania’s special election on March 13, Donald Trump Jr. tagged along on the campaign trail in the state’s 18th congressional district with Republican nominee Rick Saccone. During a visit... Read more »

IHOP apologizes after server told black teenage customers to pay in advance

An IHOP in Auburn, Maine, will be temporarily shut down for employee retraining this week after a server was overheard asking a group of black teenage customers... Read more »

Domino’s dethrones Pizza Hut as ‘largest pizza company in the world’

Domino’s is claiming that it is the “largest pizza company in the world,” according to the chain’s fourth-quarter earnings release. The company says its global retail sales surpassed $12.2 billion... Read more »

This cheese festival ran out of cheese and people are really upset

The organizers of a festival in the U.K. are offering their sympathies to eventgoers after their tents ran out of cheese. Ticket buyers for The Big Cheese Festival took to... Read more »

New York’s St. Regis Hotel launches nightly champagne sabering ritual

The St. Regis is one of New York’s most famous and luxurious hotels, anchoring the corner of 5th Avenue and 55th Street since 1904, when that part of the avenue was still... Read more »

100-year-old woman says beer and potato chips are the secret to long life

When a 100-year-old person gives diet advice, the whole world listens. And when San Francisco resident Matilda Curcia celebrated her 100th birthday this week, she gave the rest of... Read more »

Grubhub’s newest initiative aims to promote women-led restaurants

Grubhub has announced a new initiative dedicated to supporting women-led restaurants nationwide called RestaurantHER. The much-loved food delivery app has pledged to contribute $1 (up to $1 million) for every person... Read more »

Fresh herbs are grosser than you think

The Food and Drug Administration shocked us all on February 23 by revealing details on just how many bacteria are hiding in fresh, store-bought herbs. The agency plans to... Read more »

Killer Dominican cooking, flautas and Venezuelan snacks await in Mount Hope part of Bronx

The B train station at 174-175 Sts./Grand Concourse sits at the southern end of the Bronx neighborhood of Mount Hope, which is sliced into sections by steep hills and highways like the... Read more »