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Zero-calorie sweeteners might not be better for you than sugar, study says

Making the switch from regular to diet soda might seem like a healthful choice — but according to a new study to be presented at the 2018 Experimental... Read more »

Trump’s first state dinner features lamb and jambalaya, not the burgers he suggested on the campaign trail

Donald Trump is hosting French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte for a state dinner in Washington, D.C., and there are no meatloaf sandwiches in sight. The Don, Melania,... Read more »

Ice pops recalled from 15 states for Listeria risk

The Ziegenfelder Company of Wheeling, West Virginia, is issuing a voluntary recall of approximately 3,000 cases of ice pops according to a notice issued by the Food and Drug Administration on... Read more »

Chrissy Teigen wants ‘stupid’ food trends to stop

It all began with a Twitter user asking food-obsessed Chrissy Teigen if she’s ever tried a cotton candy ice cream burrito. They attached a photo of the burrito-shaped monstrosity filled with... Read more »

This genius Starbucks order hack cuts the price of a latte in half

Starbucks can be an expensive addiction, but for those of us who’ve already dipped our toes into the blonde espresso pool — there’s no turning back. The chain’s loyalty program... Read more »

American sports leagues promote unhealthy food to kids, study suggests

According to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics, America’s biggest sports leagues and junk food are more connected than you might think. Children watching their favorite sports events... Read more »

Taco Bell is running out of Nacho Fries

Attention Taco Bell fans! Soon you will no longer be able to order Nacho Fries at your local Taco Bell. The $1 delicacy of French fries and queso ordered alone... Read more »

VIDEO: Behind the scenes at the Peeps factory

Marshmallows are one of the wonders of the confectionary world. Making them, eating them, even just looking at them — everything about marshmallows is delightful. So when The Daily Meal... Read more »

Massachusetts Burger King posts sign allowing only ‘one overdose’ before banning customers

A Burger King in Worcester, Massachusetts, is under fire after a staffer allegedly posted a sign behind the counter warning customers about the amount of times they’re “allowed” to overdose... Read more »

What should be classified as ‘ravioli’?

What are ravioli?

Read more »