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Short Report: Pursuing luxury in the restyled 2019 Lincoln MKC Black Label

Driving along the spine of Southern California’s Santa Monica Mountains in a pearl white 2019 Lincoln MKC Black Label, gorgeous deep blue ocean to the left and endless mountains to the right,... Read more »

Style and Substance: The 2018 Nissan Kicks vs. 2018 Toyota C-HR comparison test

I am Mr. Wilson. And I want you to get off my lawn.

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Review: Powerful and prescient, docile yet disobedient, the Acura NSX is a thrilling daily-driver supercar

Supercar ownership is akin to self-imposed imprisonment. Everyone stares, especially law enforcement, and especially if your supercar is a 2018 Acura NSX, a real rarity anywhere, including Los Angeles. Therefore, if you... Read more »

First Drive: Redesigned for 2019, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class demonstrates that it only gets better with age

The history of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is a short one in terms of automotive years but nonetheless notable. For one thing, like it or not, the 4-door “coupe” has grown to become... Read more »

Short Report: 2018 BMW i3s delivers heavily on design and coolness, less so on range and sportiness

There’s hardly another vehicle on the road quite like the 2018 BMW i3s. Sure, there are tech-heavy electric cars. Plenty of them, in fact, and that number continues to grow despite the... Read more »

Short Report: The 2018 Audi Q5 looks tame, but has a spirited side

Small premium crossovers are all the rage, and Audi – one of the trifecta of Teutonic perfectionists to offer a vehicle in the segment – makes a compelling case for luxury-minded, risk-averse... Read more »

Short Report: Kia’s Compelling Accord/Camry Sedan Alternative Upgrades Infotainment and Driver-Assist Systems for 2019

It can be a terrifying question. You’re at a party and an acquaintance who knows that you are somewhat knowledgeable on the latest cars sidles up and asks the $64,000 question: What... Read more »

First Drive: Electronic charm school civilizes the wildest C-Class family members, the 2019 AMG C63 and C63 S

Even though the rowdiest members of any family eventually grow up, they don’t always entirely mature. Mercedes-AMG has been walking a delicate line with its entire lineup over the past several years... Read more »

Short Report: The 2018 Subaru WRX STi is fast, furious, and a whole lot of fun

A lifetime ago, I spent a few years smithing words for Subaru’s collateral marketing materials. If you were interested in buying a Subaru in the mid-2000s, well, chances are good that the... Read more »

Short Report: The 2018 Buick Regal TourX brings on the wagon-y goodness

Like Burt Reynolds’ feelings for Sally Fields, Americans have always harbored undying love for the station wagon – but we just didn’t know it. At some point, we were all placed in... Read more »