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Ex-Cuomo aide Percoco’s lawyers say crooked prosecution witness is reason for acquittal

Federal prosecutors presented the best reason to acquit Gov. Cuomo’s one-time best buddy Joseph Percoco of corruption charges: Their crooked key witness.

Lawyers for Percoco’s co-defendants, in their closing arguments Tuesday, blasted lobbyist Todd Howe as a liar whose testimony was untrustworthy.

“Todd Howe is a walking, talking reasonable doubt,” said Stephen Coffey. “If any man exemplified reasonable doubt, it is Todd Howe.”

Howe, who took a plea deal to testify against his pals, was arrested in the middle of the Manhattan Federal Court corruption trial for allegedly scamming the Waldorf Astoria hotel on a $600 room fee.

Star witness in ex-Cuomo aide Percoco’s corruption case arrested

The government is prosecuting Percoco, one of Cuomo’s closest friends, for allegedly raking in more than $300,000 in bribes from Howe clients wooing the Cuomo administration.

Milton Williams, attorney for co-defendant Joseph Gerardi, ripped Howe as the shakiest witness imaginable. “Todd Howe is an individual who can’t even rely on himself,” Williams told jurors in the case.

Prosecutor David Zhou insisted there’s much more to their case.

“Todd Howe’s testimony was not the most important testimony in this case,” Zhou insisted. “This is a case with dozens of witnesses, dozens of emails.”